In September of 2011 we adopted the sweetest little nine-week-old beagle from Midwest BREW. She was one of the Midwest BREW puppies fostered by Jane. She was called Killian but to us she was our pretty Penny. She loved us all and we loved her dearly. Penny was especially attached to me (mom). She followed me everywhere and was always most content when she could be with me. Penny always went with us on family vacations and eventually became a pretty good traveler. She hardly ever barked but would communicate very clearly what she wanted (usually food). No one ever came to our house without a friendly greeting from our sweet girl.

In the summer of 2022 she was diagnosed with cancer and by April 2023 it had spread to multiple areas. The dear little girl was so sweet and patient but when she was no longer able to eat or drink we knew it was time to let her go. She crossed the rainbow bridge on April 21st. There is a huge hole in our family now. We miss her so much.

Thank you Midwest BREW for blessing our family with such a precious gift.

~ Kathy Finkbeiner

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